Ready, Set… Go!

Over the next 12 months I will be taking part in a number of events from quick (ish) 10k races and challenging half marathons, to a long and hideous full marathon to raise money for Young Minds. You can find out more about their brilliant and important charity here,  you can also donate via my page here.

I have a love hate relationship with running; I absolutely love race day but absolutely loath training, yet I seem to find myself signing up to more and more events as a result of the kick I get from finishing. As I cross the finish line – typically in the slower 50% – I believe I can conquer anything. This feeling has inspired me to document my progress while taking an open minded look at how other people keep active and the positive impact it has on their own mental health.

I am relatively new to the scene and whilst I have been running away from my responsibilities for longer than I’d care to admit, I have only been off the sofa for a couple of years. I was originally inspired by my boyfriend to take part in the Brighton 10k at which point I couldn’t even run to the end of my road, however I quickly found that the more I ran both my physical and mental health improved which begs the question, why aren’t we doing more of this? Granted, running is not for everyone and occasionally finding the confidence to start something new can be scary; sometimes we find ourselves so low that just getting out of bed in the morning is a marathon in itself. So why aren’t we discussing the benefits of keeping active with not just our peers but our children too? To be clear, there are occasions where medication cannot be overlooked and I do not contest that, sometimes it is completely necessary to a person’s recovery – my intention is not to distract from that.

Over the course of my training I intend to look at how those close to me keep active and stay happy. One in four of us wonderful, brilliant and complex human beings will experience a mental health problem in any given year and one in six of us will experience a common problem such as anxiety or depression. Medication is currently the most popular form of treatment.

I open the floor to discussion, please share how you keep healthy and happy! Be it hula hooping in your living room to yoga on a paddle board or moshing at a festival – maybe we can start something really exciting!

You’re all rock stars.